the outlets are dead im about to smoke a joint in one of the courtyards but security might pull up on a segway


People with disabilities and trauma survivors have the right to exist and have feelings and talk about their lives outside a therapist’s office.

Drake - How About Now
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im reblogging this but im not ready to listen to it yet. i have to get ready.

Hozier - Like Real People Do
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Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips

We should just kiss like real people do


Twin Peaks Episodes 1-7

Screen tests of the most famous models of the twentieth century for the Millennium issue of British Vogue, commissioned by Nick Knight


unidentified-bohemian no cute emojis because you gotta add ya own

the cutest drunks you’ll ever meet

i am laughing so hard im gonna puke

i am laughing so hard im gonna puke

ok but margaritas, whiskey, and hennessy are such good chasers for each other

someone tried to take advantage of md l ai